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Due to the pandemic with Social Distancing and more sanitizing than normal and with more churches using virtual services, the need for digital church bulletins is becoming a necessity.

What is a Digital Bulletin? A digital bulletin is just like it sounds, it’s a bulletin that that gets sent via text message every Sunday Morning. This can be used to replace your paper bulletin or an addition to your normal paper bulletin.

Digital Bulletins have some advantages that churches should be incorporating in these times that we live in. When members are on vacation, they will receive the digital bulletin, easy online giving access, and digital bulletins even go home, and your members will always have it with them on their phone.

Let’s look at Use Bltn. Use Bltn is a relatively inexpensive option to a mobile app. You specify which day and time that you would like the bulletin to go out and each week your members will receive a link via text. This is a great option as your church members do not have to download any software or app and can unsubscribe anytime by replying “Stop”.

Use Bltn was developed for the average non tech user in mind. No coding or graphic skills needed to publish your first bulletin. Use Bltn is easy to use. Just choose which predefined Block you want to use and customize it to be branded for your church. Blocks include, Sermon messages, photos, Bible Verse, video, buttons, social media, Giving percentage, text, headers, announcements and more.

A great feature of Use Bltn is you can also design a printed bulletin with the blocks you use in the digital version.


Here are a few of the features Use Bltn offers:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Print Bulletins
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Unlimited Posts
  • Send Text messages to users
  • Automatically publish a link to your social media account
  • Canva Editor
  • Media Gallery

I use Use Bltn for our church every week. One feature that I wish they would add would be the ability for me to add someone to the digital bulletin manually. Many elderly know how to read a text message and hit reply, but in my experience they struggle a little bit in sending a code to a text number to opt in.


Let’s look at the pricing. Use Bltn is relatively inexpensive.


As of October 2021

100 Subscribers: $35 /month
300 Subscribers $57/month
750 Subscribers $129/month
1500 Subscribers $249/month
Current Pricing: à

If you don’t currently have an app and the pricing of an app doesn’t fit into your church budget, I recommend using Use Bltn to fill that need. All they need is a phone number and wham, they will get the bulleting each week.

You can purchase the service here à

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