The first 10 of these quotes are found on the chapter pages of the book
Finishing the Race.

Chapter 1 – “I do not want what another man has earned. I already enjoy more than I deserve.”  ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 2 – “I have found that when I do not listen, the Lord can speak louder.” ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 3 – “The struggle of the race has not made me perfect; it has made me happy.” ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 4 – “I do not want to be a martyr, but I would like to be prepared to be one.”  ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 5 – “I will pass the torch to somebody; it remains to be seen if it will still be lit.”  ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 6 – “I was a castaway already before Jesus found me.” ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 7 – “I have Him and he has me. My prayer is that neither of us will be ashamed when we meet.”  ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 8 – “I have observed that champions do not win all the ribbons.”  ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 9 – “When I follow men  on the wrong pathway, I wind up at the wrong destination.” ~ R. Lewis

Chapter 10 – “Thankful servants do not negotiate for a better deal.” ~ R. Lewis


“The main thing I quit since being saved is quitting.” ~ R. Lewis

“Most people think that  life is almost a blessing.” ~ R. Lewis

“My picture probably will not be posted at the Cracker Barrell, so I wrote a book.” ~ R. Lewis

“I do not know when I  am filled with the Spirit, but I do know when I have been.” ~ R. Lewis

“Happiness is a by-product of doing right things.” ~ R. Lewis