Who Was That Teacher?

Robert Lewis: Letter to The Editor

In the midst of all the violence, bloodshed and mayhem earlier this week  in Littleton, Colorado,  there was a teacher who was courageous enough to break the law to help her students. Her crime was not obvious as horror struck the students and faculty of the school. There in the midst of the school day, in a public school building, she did what some would call the unthinkable thing. She Prayed. And she instructed her students to pray as well. I  hope the ACLU didn’t notice. It does seem that prayers before such events could be more helpful. Indeed, if God-consciousness were promoted in the public school system of our country, just maybe these kinds of events would be less frequent. It seems to me that our public minded politicians are afraid that our students might find out that we are religious; that we do believe in God; that we believe we are accountable  to Him. I am sure we are going to hear how her prayers were answered in a measure as the scene continues to unfold.  I was in Russia a few years ago and preached the gospel from the King James Bible in a public school in Russia. In that particular class they were studying English and sang “We Want To Be Friends” as we entered the classroom. The Russians are trying to use the ingredients that made us great while we are trying with all of our might to overthrow the concepts of God-consciousness and moral responsibility. The outcome is obvious. Atheism has failed the Russians. It will fail us too. We cannot be “One nation under God” and evict Him from our institutions. He will laugh at our calamity for the fool has said in his heart here is no God. Thank the Lord for a teacher with faith in the Almighty! Thank the Lord for her courage in the midst of a horrifying circumstance. But this teacher should be careful. If she had committed this crime on a more ordinary  day, somebody might have noticed. Under different circumstances she would have been considered the culprit and not the heroine. It only proves that most of us  are incurably  religious. We must have the freedom to practice our religion or be willing to accept the products of our anti-God humanistic philosophies.  Any institution in any town  which “follows the law” about not praying or reading the Bible will be guilty of denying the Creator the respect he rightfully deserves. If our  politicians can’t get prayer back in the  public schools, thank God for one teacher who knew what to do when there was no on else to turn to. I wouldn’t be surprised if she believed the Bible and goes to church. I doubt that the gunmen did.


When we allow humanism with it’s many faceted organizations to replace God in the minds of our citizens and their children, we need not be surprised that somehow we lose the power and the presence of God in those  institutions. We have swallowed so much in the name of tolerance that loud minorities  in government now decide what is best for the majority of us. Injustice and perversion seem to rule the country. Our submission to God is voluntary, but his blessing upon us is overwhelming when we trust and obey.  Humanism is a cancer that will strip America of her heritage  and in some cases her children.

Robert Lewis, Pastor
Blackstone Valley Baptist Church

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