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Robert Lewis is an independent, fundamental, missionary minded, Baptist evangelist who stands for the fundamentals of the Christian faith. He and his wife have long been active in church-planting and missionary evangelism. They have a burden for being a help and an encouragement to Pastors and Missionaries of independent, Baptist churches. They have both traveled to several foreign countries to plant or help plant Baptist Churches. Brother Lewis is available for the Lord’s use in Bible Institutes, Missions Conferences, Revival Meetings, and Pulpit Supply. He is eager for the Lord to use him to assist Pastors and Missionaries in their ministry endeavors. Mrs. Lewis is an able Biblical counselor, and has been used many times in Ladies meetings to help women understand their Biblical responsibilities and privileges. Brother and Mrs. Lewis are both committed to the Baptist people and the King James Bible. If you believe that Bro. or Mrs. Lewis could be of help to you in the work that the Lord is doing in your ministry, please email them for available dates. They will respond quickly to any questions you may have. Their writings, testimonies, journals, and calendar pages are posted on their blogs which are listed below.

Evangelist Robert Lewis
Mobile Phone: (401) 286-2400
Facebook Account:  Robert Lewis

Mrs. Judy Lewis
Mobile Phone: (401) 286-2401
Blog: Given To Hospitality



2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Marvin & Leah Palmer says:

    Dear Bob and Judy,

    So glad to have found you. Many times, we have wondered
    where you were. The Lord has surely blesssed you. Not the least surprised. I knew He had something great in store for you since the day I opened a completely bare cupboard and refrigerator in Springfield. Hard to realize the little boy who had such a good day at Silver Dollar City is now a preacher
    and pastor.

    We are both retired, I think. Marvin doesn’t. I keep his honey -do list going. We have eight grandchildren. Five girls and three grandsons. The oldest is 24 and the youngest twins are thirteen. Lots of History. Kathy, our oldest daughter lives in Enid;about 2.6 miles from us. She has 5 of the grandchildren-2 boys a girl and twin girls. Not bad for someone who 8 fertility specilists said was impossible. We had to request the little boys stop praying for more. Their Dad told them God allots so many children to a family and that they had met that allotment. Gina lives in Stillwater. She gave us one grandson and two grandauhters. The oldest
    of which is 24yr and in college pursuing a Funeral Directors
    Career. She said she couldn’t be a nurse. She surely has a calling.

    Please, when time allows, let us know how you are and where
    you are.

    Love and prayers,

    Marvin and Leah Palmer

  2. Jonah Seo says:

    Thank you for your wonderful and powerful message that I heard tonight from Haengdang Dong Bible Baptist Church web site.
    I was former member of HDD BBC. 2007, my family and I came to US for studying Christian Music, but now God call me to preach His precious Word.
    God gave me an opportunity to work with Him as a church planter in here at LA Koreatown. Time is tough and heart is discouraged for a while. But the Word of God stirs me once again for His glory! What a wonderful Word of encouragement!
    Thank you again for your wonderful ministry for the Korean people.
    I love you and thank you so much.

    In His Love,
    brother Jonah Seo

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